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Badfic Manor app copy

OOC Information:

Name/Alias: Birdy

Age: 28

E-Mail//MSN//AIM: kyanve@gmail.com, shirhanblade (AIM)

Personal LJ: shirhan_blade

IC Information:

Character Name: Hakuba Saguru

Character Journal: stalker_horse, switched to im_in_ur_exit

Canon: Detective Conan/Magic Kaito

Point in Canon: Current. Or at least, both of his DC canon appearances and Movie 10 have happened, and events in canon that may've been news-visible he might have vague knowledge of. (Maybe not a lot of the random cases, but you know, things like an unknown Blackhawk shooting at Tokyo Tower tend to make the news.)

Age: 17

Birthday: August 29

Appearance: At about 5'10”, he's tall enough to be noticeable, and fairly solidly built; he's in vaguely athletic shape, and apparently hit his growth spurt early. He has loose, short honey-blonde hair on the slightly dark side, and amber-brown eyes. He's half Japanese, half British, but mostly favors the British side of his heritage, with relatively little in his appearance to tip someone off. He certainly has the usual Virgo OCD, and keeps himself up well, although he tends to stick out slightly; outside of a school uniform, he dresses at least semiformally most of the time...
And when he's not dressing semiformally, he's dressing for the wrong century – down to pulling things like showing up at heists, joining the police, in a deerstalker hat and inverness coat, decked out like he belonged in turn of the century Europe.
Worth noting – he speaks English, Japanese, and French, and ALWAYS has some kind of an odd accent; his English is London-area with a barely noticeable Japanese accent, his Japanese has a British accent, and his French is Parisian with bits of British and Japanese accents.

walls of text go here!Collapse )

[Oh damnit damnit damnit damnit.]

[He's getting BETTER at dealing with the jungle, but it doesn't mean he's nearly as good at it as the person he's trying to find - ]

[Because let's face it, the idea of leaving a distinctly not in his right normal mind Conan alone wandering around in the jungle, with everything that's out to get one or both of them at this point, does not seem like something Saguru just wants to leave go.]

[He's doing the best at tracking that he can - Conan's footprints are, at least, easily identifiable when they can be found - but he hasn't had near enough time to get THAT good at it out here, and frankly, is once again missing Watson and the "follow" trick he'd taught her; being able to just look for where the bird was following/kiting to tell where Conan was would be SO much easier.]

[He's also periodically checking his pocketwatch and trying not to think about how much could happen in the time that's passed since he last saw Conan. :| ]

[And quite possibly is starting to hit areas of the jungle he's actually never seen before!]

[Why does the universe hate him.]


[Hakuba's routine for the next few days is probably going to be this almost redouble of his efforts to help around the inn and ... well, be interested in talk of exploration and investigation, but perfectly enjoying the chance for a break from home. And sitting very peacefully with tea, probably abusing that tin of maccha he found since he won't touch the bag tea.]

[And paying attention.]

[He can't exactly stalk Conan, it'd raise other people's suspicions, and if Conan knows that him being too helpful is him looking for clues, then he's going to probably not get many chances to watch Conan now.]

[This means he's left with what he's learned since he arrived, and Conan's previous behavior.]

[So there'll be this nice quiet expanding mental map of what he knows about Conan and can infer from that.]

[Conan is involved.
-> The amount that Conan could contribute to the conversation about what's going on
-> The way he backpedaled to hide mention of something that set him off; he would know Beatrice wasn't from his world, so it wasn't anything related to Beatrice, which meant something relating to their world
-> Knowledge that one of Toichi's apprentices was "skeevy"
-> Behavior.
--> He's far too paranoid to not be used to looking over his shoulder for someone aiming at him.
--> Aiming a weapon at Kid during the Sunset Manor - he has reflexes for such things.

Conan is very mature for an eight year old.
-> When given a serious conversation, he only sounds like most children when he's thinking about hiding something; the more distracted from hiding things or direct he's being, the less he talks and behaves like an eight year old.
-> His mood and behavior shifts are very obviously premeditated and controlled, and yet, he's gotten very good at pulling it off.
--> Natural actor to some degree.
--> Small children don't pull off transitions that smoothly.
-> The more agitated he is and the more he's "consciously trying to act normal", the worse he is at acting normal.
-> Least suspicious as such around Hattori.
--> Hattori is in on it, and it's likely a practiced foil relationship; Hattori draws attention and will cover for the things that, if Conan were to do/say them, it would be showing more of the odd behavior than normal. The flail at the Koushien when Hattori seemed to be accusing the butler still demonstrates that it's not a premeditated "Conan is feeding Heiji", just a practiced act that they're both good at playing off.
---> Hattori knows who he really is.

Conan also comes up with some very impressive long term plans.
-> The Sunset Manor plot. "The culprit would probably talk to a little kid because nobody thinks about kids :D And they won't reveal themselves until they think everyone is dead"
-> Concocting a test that involves using himself for bait.

Conan has some odd moments of putting things together for an eight year old.
-> Note that, while Saguru was sharp enough to be useful as an eight year old, he didn't really put things together a lot of the time so much as notice details and point them out, and occasionally put together theories for parts of it; some cases he may've solved, but there were a good number of things that he didn't actually understand enough to work the information into stringing things together yet.

Conan takes casework very seriously.

Conan also seems to find it an irritant if someone seems like they may not be taking it seriously.
-> Decent number of irritated looks shot at Hakuba whenever there were half-jokes made during a case, or moments of acting too much like he was enjoying the challenge/treating it as a game.
--> Entirely likely that part of his "cat with fur rubbed wrong" at Self is reading the "enjoys conflict" attitude as "not taking it seriously".
---> He does not, likely, think that Self is taking ANYTHING about the cases seriously enough.
----> This is another odd trait for a small child involved with these things, and under most circumstances taking it that seriously that young would be a fast way to stress-based neuroses.
-----> Not that he doesn't seem to have a few simmering under the surface, But Don't We All.

He's willing to put himself in danger without pause, but would throw himself between danger and others.
-> He's mentioned being willing to do anything and get in the way of anything for Ran.
--> He's also given Saguru some VERY impressive glares whenever Saguru was either acting a little odd, or too polite, to Ran.
---> Hell, besides the incident with Beatrice, he got some very special expressions whenever Saguru seemed to be too friendly/polite/"dear god the chivalry complex" with anyone attractive female.

Conan's obv. been around crime scenes and the like enough to have the kind of "Oh, I know how this goes!" that comes from being around them a LOT.
-> Whatever background he has before he went into hiding, he spent a lot of time around crime scenes.

The "aura of intimidation" schtick - which he did a little bit of in the Sunset Manor, and a very impressive version of out in the woods. Perfectly capable of playing dominant.
-> The "not taking being called a mascot" comment. Pride!
-> He probably didn't have much reason to be afraid of anything before he went into hiding, or there'd be more twitch-reflexes towards being less confrontational and dominant/aggressive.
--> The dominant-aggressive behavior is INCREDIBLY bizarre for a child. He certainly DIDN'T come from an abusive or uncertain/dangerous environment, and even at that, even the most assertive child has some kind of reflexive grasp of being lower on the pecking order; children do not just take dominant-posture that smoothly.
---> He's USED to being taken seriously. It comes naturally to him.
----> He's used to having some sense of ability to speak with authority with regards to this situation - even if not an actual office, that he would be listened to and in a position to be comfortable forbidding/allowing who is involved and how.

(Theory - Conan is someone that grew up around criminal investigations. Apparently somewhere that ended up crossing paths with them -> would almost have to be parents/legal guardians involved; police, special agents? Even with Hakuba's parents, effort was made to keep him out of dangerous cases; for official business, a child's presence would be hard to take for granted around something like organized crime cases, particularly since organized crime organizations are known for using families against. Would mean whoever raised him around this wasn't official, since their involvement would mean him not being allowed as close.
---> he's never shown signs of any kind of mourning behavior, and the dominant/aggressive confidence thing hasn't been shaken too badly yet; he hasn't had anyone important to him die, although he's aware of, and afraid of, the possibility.
----> If he is a child that grew up around investigations, his parents/guardians were involved but not with official circles, yet had to be around official circles for him to learn police procedure; and somehow must've handwaved having a small child where a small child would be a target. Also, he is in hiding without any sign of said nebulous parents/guardians, yet doesn't seem to show any cracks in his confidence that would come with having them killed; even with Kid's attitude, Kid is still more cautious and more dodgy-paranoid than confrontational-paranoid. This would mean said parents/guardians would have to have gone into hiding themselves, yet didn't take the kid with them for some reason; he's not as driven as Kid has been, so he's not trying to SAVE anyone, so they weren't caught, just hiding.
-> And have to be hiding somewhere they ... can't take the small child? And yet are complete unknowns, which means their hiding place is very effective.
--> He's aware that it's generally not a morally sound idea to use a small child as bait, yet he's the one with the most visible hiding place, and if his guardians/parents are alive, they would have to be more vaguely apathetic and distant than Saguru's to not realize that he's going to be dodging their enemies while he's in hiding as Conan.
---> Conan being put into hiding where he'll be investigating crimes is practically BEGGING for him to be noticed by them, which would mean they're using him as bait?
----> He'd been trying to impress NOT being able to turn to authorities. His situation would mean that's an issue for him. ... Which would mean his parents/guardians would NOT be connected to, or involved with, the Organization, or they'd already be involved, and being alive would mean they'd have to be competent enough to be potentially useful allies; he's too comfortable with the Side of the Law and too instinctively defensive of it to have been raised by members of the Organization or defectors.
---------------------------> Any theory where each explanation raises its own vetos that have to be accounted for every step of the way without any evidence for said vetos or steps is FAR too built on baseless theory and conjecture to be sound. Attempting to explain him as a small child that's stumbled into the Organization deflates; he would have to be an orphan, yet an orphan with no actual guardians, but still having resources to arrange SOME sense of where he needed to be and have SOME kind of contacts or reason for him to be staying with the Mouris. The only actual older contacts that can be inferred would be Hattori and Kudo; he's too well-adjusted to be COMPLETELY raised-by-himself-nobody-around, which means it should be "Kudo and his nebulous guardian-whatever", which becomes another too-messy-to-take-seriously-without-more-evidence theory.

---> Dominant/aggressive behavior as a response to challenges when there's an opening to enforce it, smoothly pulling off deceptions and controlled shifts in apparent mood and behavior, not only taking the casework seriously but irritation if someone else isn't, and he's used to being taken seriously.
----> Moreover, he's used to the above under normal circumstances - it isn't something that only comes up with specific people.
-----> Children do not get taken seriously.
------> All attempts at a reasonable theory that involves him actually being an eight year old get horribly snarled logistically.
-------> If Conan is not an eight year old, but someone older that is somehow reverted to childhood, it would neatly account for his behavioral oddities, dominant tendencies, well-developed sense of personal pride, maturity level, and failure at consciously acting like a kid, as well as why it's acceptable for him to be on the firing line with those that are aware of things, particularly since his involvement with a DETECTIVE AGENCY would mean he's practically ASKING to run into them, and even possibly going to be on the proverbial front lines, and his sense of assumed authority in the matter.

-> Conan is probably not an eight year old.
--> How then?
Supernatural means? ---> Even with involvement with Beatrice, he does not seem to take kindly to supernatural explanations for events. If whatever had caused it was supernatural, it would be an idea he would be very used to.
-> Of all the things he's hiding, if he is not an eight year old, the illusion of being one is one that seems to get the most work put into it and be treated as the most inviolate.
--> Whatever happened may be related to the case; if not-being-a-child is discovered, it would apparently be "RF,ED", which means that would be enough to blow his cover of hiding as Conan; therefore somehow it's connected to the case enough that the other side would have some kind of tools to make the necessary leap.
---> The other side is working on immortality and cheating death.
----> If anyone would have a plausible, non supernatural means to reverse aging, it'd be them.
-----> They can't have the puzzle pieces to put the equation together that he MIGHT be a child or being as visible as he is would be too dangerous; for one reason or another, whatever he ran into of theirs, they don't know it causes that kind of regression.
------> Insufficient data; it's some kind of scientific something one of them had been working on that he ran across.

-> Who is he then?
--> Familiar with Shinichi and the Mouris.
--> Familiar with police procedure and investigative work, and quite good at it.
--> See all of the above shifted to an older age group.
--> Dodgy looks whenever I was near Ran.
--> Heiji knows who he is.
--> Heiji knows where Kudo is.
--> Mention that Kudo hadn't actually been invited used as a private joke.
--> Coughgrumble at Kudo having been used to lure me out.
--> Theoretically possible that he is someone unknown to me that ran afoul of them where Kudo is arranging an escape, while Kudo is in hiding with his parents, if Yusaku knows something.
--> ...If he is not eight years old, then there's probably a good bit more that he's figured out or knows that he's hiding and/or attributing to other sources to avoid being too suspicious.
--> ........ It would be almost too painfully convenient an explanation if Conan = Kudo, would explain how protective he is of Ran and touchy about me approaching her, why he and Heiji will jibe back and forth about Kudo in his absence, why a large amount of what he knows is attributed to "Shinichi-niisan", and why Shinichi is capable of disappearing off the face of the Earth; also the insistence on NOT approaching parents or other authorities would be a slight oddity or have to be treating me as a special case if Shinichi is resorting to his own family, which would be the only other logical explanation for Shinichi's ability to totally vanish that suddenly. The similarities in implied background would also lend to this theory.
--> He's also a native speaker of Japanese; narrows the field a little on where he's been living.


Conan adds up to fish:

(Watson's first appearance is coincidentally timed to right when he confirms he's the police chief's son ... Distraction Hawk is a Distraction!)

(Hakuba's the first person moving when Okami dies.)

(Can play stupid perfectly well when he wants to - that is SO not Kid's style at ALL, actually kinda grating against it, but he was going right along with "Well, if it's Kid....".)

(I don't think Conan ever really liked Hakuba much, from the looks he shoots Hakuba after the comments on the plan, etc., and the looks he shoots Hakuba whenever he seems too - ..."pointyhappy"? - about having a puzzle to chase, even if it's a dangerous puzzle. I think Hakuba's normal reaction to "challenge, dangerous or not" grated on him or something?)

1) Conan has this funny thing in Sunset Manor with glaring at Saguru whenever he's talking to/near Ran. Come to think of it, the ruffled irritation whenever Hakuba seemed to be doing the pointygrin bit would be another - "Do I seem that suspicious?"

2) After Okami dies, when Conan points out it has to be one of them - not only going "I take charge" on a roomful of adults, but doing so with a pretty coherent idea of abstract details, and not the "little kid catching things" kind of "bright but still a bit derpy" thing either. Add Up To Fish Moment!

3) Conan's discussion with Senma in the end - with them gathering and listening - and that Conan came up with the plan ... Another bit of a "small child being weirdly dominant and overly long-range plotting".

4) Saguru's line of sight when Senma points out him and Conan to Kid. Also, he knows the watch is a weapon, after seeing Conan with the sight up and aiming. :|

- Conan added up to fish a little. Not quite enough to ditch the lampshade, but there were a few nice small details that were basically fridge logic bombs waiting to go off.

(There's also that slightly confrontational and irritable "Very used to -always- being the outsider/one that doesn't fit" with his reaction to Heiji's spazz-fit about him not being the Detective of the East ... the whole slightly poisonous "Just think of me as a guest from abroad" and the reaction to Heiji's dig about him not wearing a proper uniform. Def. not happy with the "You don't belong here" vibe.)

(Oh good god Hakuba's chivalry thing. Fight like cats and dogs with the guys competing! ...Be almost too polite to the girl, even while she's a suspect.)

1) ...CONAN SO ADDED UP TO SOMETHING HAKUBA'S THE ONE THAT VOLUNTEERED HIM TO STAND IN FOR SHINICHI. Or at the very least was partly having a fit of smarm at how little credit he'd gotten at Conan's age in a backhanded way.

2) And yet, for most of the Koushien, Conan does pretty good at not attracting attention and being plausibly a kid - he's gotten pretty good at using Hattori as a foil.

3) ...The looks and cough moment when they were talking about Shinichi not being a suspect and using his name to bait Hakuba out. Heiji looked straight at Conan when he was making comments about Kudo.

Though honestly, the Koushien is probably what helped the lampshade. :|

(Attn: Kaito)

[Likely after some time sidetracked helping Belldandy clean, and probably by the time it's pretty late, Saguru will be finding Kaito - hopefully not far from one room or the other that'd be private...]


Permission Post

Generally, MUN is fine with damn near anything, including things he will flail and protest at.

-Age: 17
-Height: ~5'10"
-Usual appearance? Blonde, slightly loose hair; usually slightly formally dressed as much as he can manage, although this will proooobably deteriorate over time on the Island.
-Threadhopping with this character - yes, no, or what?: Sure!
-Hugging this character?: Sure. Possible confusion might ensue.
-Giving this character a kiss?: MUN says go ahead - although he might not sit still, depending.
-Punching this character (provided they are given an opportunity to fight back): Somehow I will be suprised if he's here for too long and nobody ever takes a swing at him.
-Is there anything YOU DO NOT WANT MENTIONED near this character?: ...Nothing I can think of? You might want to watch mentioning Holmes or the Kaitou Kid around him, it'll take a while to get rid of him.
-Is there anything you need us to KNOW about interacting with this character? Special physical features, fighting abilities, STUFF: He is a perfectly mundane human! 8D He's likely dabbled a bit in fencing and some martial arts, but it's a little hard to get very skilled/trained when you're moving constantly. He seems to have a freakish resistance to passive/subconscious magic/mind-affecting tricks.
-ANYTHING ELSE PLEASE MENTION HERE: SAGURU IS ANNOYINGLY OBSERVANT and habitually detail-minded. He WILL pay attention to stupid things like body language, behavioral ticks, carriage, habitual behaviors that might point towards one thing or another, stains on clothes, calluses/scars, and generally be a pain in the ass about figuring out more than anyone wants him to know.