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September 4th, 2011

For Various Psychics, Telepaths, Et Al

Saguru's surface mind, at least at first glance, tends to be ...kind of chaotic seeming! Basically he's incredibly detail-minded and has been working since he was pretty young to actually be PAYING ATTENTION to a lot of random background things people normally tune out or gloss over, which is part of the "surface clutter". His typical "train of thought" and logic pattern is pretty much a thought-map/flowchart where he's taking all of the new surface clutter, sorting it, matching it and drawing connections to past information, and building on that map, which means that whatever his attention is focused on, there's a mess of other things connected to it, maybe tangentially, that he's ALSO keeping lines to, along with whatever else might occur to him.

Oh, and he's probably sitting there cataloguing details about whoever he's talking to, quietly constructing a mental profile and working out how their mind works, and generally figuring out enough to make a lot of people uncomfortable if he were to say it out loud. He will use and act on this information, but he does know that people tend to get hostile fast if he blurts it out carelessly.

If you're seriously paying attention or trying to poke around, while he does have a great deal of self-control and willpower, he is stone normal and short on ways to seriously stop someone; there's a few things that aren't hard to notice.

1) Depending on the situation, this one might not be hard to pick out from just body language, but he's less "fly the raised by wolves" flag if he's not around someone he's treating as at least a potential threat/predator; if someone's just unfamiliar, he's less open about it, although depending on how tense he is the "-ACTUALLY Saguru himself is pretty much a predator, even if a tame one-" vibe contributes a lot to how occasionally quietly unsettling he can be. That thing where he seems to be a little too intent and has just enough vaguely dominant-predator body language and behavior to where, in the DC group arcs, he acts nine kinds of suspicious without even trying?
No, he probably isn't actually up to malice, but yes, he actually IS going predator-mode. It's partially a defense mechanism that he does have some conscious control over, and partly a reflex that's the way he's grown up; he HAS spent most of his time around cops, criminals, and the proverbial city jungle. Even completely at rest there's still that predatory undertone.
The upside is that yes, it IS basically "tame/ethical".

2) However much predatory posturing he might pull, he IS... well, he's ethically pragmatic and morally altruistic. Depending on circumstances, he doesn't always do so well with set codes and laws; he'll respect laws where they're beneficial, sidestep them where they're harmful, and follow the spirit rather than the letter. He will, generally, be a Good Person, although he can be very pointy and vicious if he feels there's a reason. So that "Predator/Creeper" thing that skeeves people out occasionally? It's leashed and focused and he takes his morals INCREDIBLY seriously.

3) HE'S KINDA PARANOID. Less so here since there's not much anyone can do to him that he can't dust off from in a week, but even someone where his first impression is "ally/harmless" isn't safe from him continually cataloguing information, and anything that seems out of place or "wait wait that's not right" will get mentally flagged and he will be more cautious until he figures out why or what's up. If someone flags any of his "Might be dangerous" things, he'll be even worse about "must figure out everything I can about them". And yes, he does work via an unholy hybrid of Sherlock-style methods and behavioral analysis. He's also cynical and pragmatic-pessimistic, in the sense that if one prepares for and assumes all of the worst possibilities, they can continue on and be confident they're ready for the worst and can only be pleasantly surprised.

4) As mature as he is, he is a teenage boy, has moments of emotional stupidity/flounder, and while he's got a very good control on his hormones and pretty specific senses of what's attractive to him, he's more frustrated than repressed.

With a bit more poking:
1) He sits on a lot of people's secrets. This is anything from "Shiki is/was actually a decent person under all that posturing and did have a sense of morals, even if it took watching to pick out among the survivor's guilt, complexes, and alpha-male posturing", "Tris was probably abused when she was younger and has reflexive trust issues", to "Chris Vineyard is not an actress and is an immortal god knows what who works for a secretive and vicious criminal group", "Mukuro is NOT friendly and would happily kill half the Manor for the Hell of it", Kaitou Kid's identity, that the 'Kaito" wandering around ISN'T Kaito, etc., etc.. Some of it may come up if he's actually thinking about someone in that messy thoughtmap.

2) HE'S A BIT FATALISTIC BY THIS POINT. He knows that he's a big shiny clear target to the Black Org back home, and that not only is he one of the most easily recognizable, identifiable, and trackable of the people fighting them thanks to being unusual and publicly well-known, but that he's got the fewest escape routes, real allies, etc., and as much as everyone he knows from home was sorta ... still flaking out and bad at cooperating besides to some extent Kaito, he ... still does -not- expect to live to see twenty. This will be fairly well sat-on usually UNLESS SOMETHING COMES UP WHERE THE IDEA OF HIS FUTURE OR FUTURE PLANS pings, in which case he might talk about where he'd be in a few years, but his actual opinion/idea is "Probably dead of a sniper somewhere". He also has some very unpleasant worries that his father may be at least turning a blind eye if not actually cooperating.

3) On a related note, he's not in a HUGE hurry to go home, esp. with it having been brought up that it's uncertain how much people remember; if everyone DOES remember the Manor, he's still facing "well, slightly better odds but I'm still dead the second the Org thinks I might vaguely be in a position to be on to them", and if they DON'T, then he's going back to even more certain death, NO good connections, and the few people he knows that he cares about being a little distant at best and outright hostile at worst.

4) On a more "issues he sits on" level, there is a good bit of resentment of being basically the one solving other people's problems that is, by now, pretty much taken for granted, and being "The Detective" and almost never "Hakuba Saguru, Human Being"; he does appreciate the gratitude he gets and that some of the would-be victims he's saved remember him, other than that, he's pretty much on his own and it does bother him. He doesn't get along with his family really, he doesn't get along with his peers etc. He's too attached to his morals and what he's decided he wants to be, other people be damned, to snap and go the other way, but there are times he's tempted to at least say "screw it" to the parts where he's TRYING to play by the rules and just drop off legal radar and go predator. Doesn't help that some form of that is the only thing he can think of right now that might give him a life expectancy. He COULD, if pushed, be a much bigger and pointier predator in mentality.



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