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CR: Badfic Manor

Yes, this is relatively lazy.

Yes, his social life is a little sad, and he is prone to being cautious of people, more than he lets on.

- Family (adopted included)
- Love
- Crush
- BFFs
- Friends/Trust
- Acquaintances
- Professional/working relationship or respect
- Dislike
♥ - Hate
- The Hell what is this I don't even whut?

Kaito Kuroba
The cat's kind of out of the bag on just how unimportant catching Kid himself is to Saguru - the main idea of that only ever was "winning a challenge", and that died after he realized that not only was Kid useful to follow, but that catching Kid would probably mean Kaito getting killed. Thanks to the presence of the Black Org, he'll be just as obsessive and obstinate as ever when the subject comes up if it's not one of the people who already knows.
He genuine does care about Kaito, and has rather appreciated the shift in the Manor towards ... well, not having the person he's probably risking his life watching out for thinking of him as an enemy. If anything, Kaito's probably one of the two people closest to him, and he's admitted that he'd potentially do something stupid and put himself at risk to protect Kaito.
It probably also says something that as much as he knows that the Kid act is probably something the Org is allowing to go on in the hopes of taking advantage of it, he's more comfortable with the idea of relying on Kaito in a crisis than Shinichi.
Of course, his predatory streak and perverse sense of humor's still there, so he'll still mess with Kaito's head given the chance. The flail is funny, and I'm not really sure what to make of how Saguru parses close relationships sometimes.

Nakamori Aoko
Aoko had been a short-circuit in his usual clinical obsessiveness right up until she gave him that heart attack chatting with Gin; he has a bit more of an objective lens now of realizing that if she doesn't learn, she could get them all killed, or be too easy a target herself.
He has a bit of a massive, if frustrated, crush on her; she was the first person his own age to not only not react badly to him (he counts fangirls as "reacting badly), but the first person his age to actually overlook his ah, social skills at the time and actually be friendly to him. Add on top of that, that she's attractive, and that he's realized that she's just as intelligent as the boys are and has the potential to be perfectly capable of dealing with everything they do if she had some guidance and learned to trust herself, and... Well, it's something he knows he's not likely to see again for a long time. It doesn't hurt that besides the "could actually keep up and maybe not be traumatized by what he's involved in for a living", she's also managed to ding nearly all of his protective instincts.
The one damper on the idea of seriously pursuing a relationship is that he's well aware of how close she is with Kaito, that she's probably realized but refuses to admit yet that she knows about Kaito's "night job", and that the general oblivion and denial is the only reason they haven't already ended up together. He also knows that Kaito doesn't actually have many close friends or attachments, and that Kaito's been the one who's been there for Aoko her whole life. So, he's concluded that actually winning Aoko over would probably hurt Kaito a great deal, and he's not sure he should even try to compete with Kaito on this one.
He hasn't exactly given up, but he's not really going to fight Kaito on this one; he's leaving it up to Aoko's decision, and fully expects her to go with Kaito.
He tries very hard not to think about where that leaves his odds of ever ending up in a close relationship.

Kudo Shinichi/Edogawa Conan
He considers himself on vaguely friendly terms with Shinichi, and is well aware that they're very much up against the same enemy and can't afford to not be allies ...
At the same time, his feelings tend to oscillate between professional respect and being relatively comfortable with him, to occasionally wanting to strangle him in frustration. He's a little terrified of Shinichi's occasional reckless tendencies, cringes at the way he's handled Gin, and has come to the conclusion that Shinichi was comparatively sheltered as child-detectives go; that and some of Shinichi's reactions and actions have him wary of trusting Shinichi's judgment entirely.

Oh dear god. At first it was "cautiously neutral, but civil", and he's managed to get along with Shiki scarily easily, enough to be perfectly comfortable in his presence under normal circumstances. (He tries not to think about what this says about him.) He's perfectly aware that Shiki's kind of got a subscription's worth of Issues, and honestly, it probably helps that he filters a lot of Shiki's actions and interactions through the filter of what he knows of Toshima, which ... is kind of a "For normal society he's a little on the batshit side, for where he's from, he's level-headed and relatively reasonable". It's entirely likely that trying to talk Shiki out of his little breakdown had some element of "I like you as a person enough that I don't want to see you self-destruct" as well as the pragmatic aspect of "...Yeah let's not have one of our commanders freaking out". This is with knowing that Shiki is very bitter and very biased on some things, and that he's not sure how far he trusts Shiki outside of what he knows... although he's starting to get the idea that Shiki may not've even realized that he was being slightly shamelessly manipulative and doing a lot of fishing and feeling him out/information-gathering when they first met.
Still, point in Saguru's favor as long as he handles it like a touch-fused nuke.
Honestly? That whole confrontation in the woods? He'd been thinking entirely in terms of risk of physical injury, and the idea of Shiki deciding he was attractive hadn't even occurred to him.
He's still trying to decide what he's supposed to make of that. He's flattered, really, he is, but he's also fairly sure that "Healthy" and "Sane" would not be words for that relationship if he were to sit still for it, and the whole thing still has him fairly massively confused.

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